With modern spec bikes now fitted with a "Dropper post" you are sure to take advantage of its unique feature, this post enables easy clearance of the seat whilst descending which will allow the seat to move UP or move Down, Most posts have a remote lever connected to the handlebars which allow control while descending.

If your bike is not fitted with this cool device then rest assure you can get one ordered or fitted at DT Bicycles, If your not sure on what you need why not ask a few questions to our trained staff or send us a email to info@dtbicycles.co.uk

With a vast range of choice we do supply the following brand of posts in store and are usually available in the following sizes:- 27.2* 30.9* 31.8* 34.9*.

Making sure you have the correct post is essential and with the choice of stealth and standard things can get tricky .

most bikes come with internal routing to hide the cable and to keep free from dirt and damage this option is called stealth, If you bike does NOT have this setup then you will need a external cable route.