Bicycle Workshop

Getting your bike fixed is the most important part of cycling, for us it’s about making the riding experience more enjoyable and keeping that bike working like new but most importantly is about safety, Our experienced staff are sure to set up your bike with the care, making sure gears and brakes are set to cytech standard.

We offer a FREE 6 week check with every bike sold from DT Bicycles. We highly recommend you bringing the bike back to the store so that a thorough check and adjustment can be made. We understand that cables can stretch and bearing can bed in so this 6 weeks is important!!!! **Please provide proof of purchase with you at time of booking in and we do require a 3 day turnaround in this service.

Prices *Subject to availability 

FREE Advice and diagnostic
FREE 6 Week Check
£25 Safety check   (Includes re-true of wheels / adjusting brakes / adjusting gears / check headset for play and adjustment / lube seat post / check pedals / cranks / all other Allen key bolts relating to handlebars and cranks)
£15 Brake bleed  ( Includes flush fluid and check pistons-fit pads if needed)
£6.00 Pad fitting ( highly recommend brake bleed with this service )
From £8.00 Wheel re true  (includes upto 2 spokes if needed)
£25.00 Wheel build  ( include spoke measure on DT Swiss chart – *spokes sold separately- see staff for prices )
From £9.00 Front wheel Hub service *parts not included
£15.00 Rear Wheel Hub Service from £15.00
£18.00 Headset fitting ( this price include any press type headset from your traditional threaded – a headset- integral – any mix and match tapered headset, inter grated headset maybe cheaper please advise staff at Time of booking in.
From £15 Bottom bracket fitting :- Standard threaded – £15 , Press type – £17, Bb30 – £20, Converting Pf30 to standard – £20 (Above prices include strip clean an reassemble with premium park tool grease-( bottom bracket not included / see staff for prices)
Specialist Custom bike build :- ( these prices are based on set jobs – best see staff for best package)
£80.00 Complete Build from frame only ( everything fitted)
£20.00 Gear Service  ( fitting shifters and cables and setting up) *parts not included
£15.00 Brake fitting and setup per brake (includes trimming hoses and rebleed if needed)
£25.00 Bosch / Shimano Diagnoses – updates and General Service – Full report offered with Bosch Systems
£18.00 Chain device setup *parts not included
£8.50 Tubeless fitting per wheel *excludes kit and solution
£4.50 Tyre/tube fitting ( standard type with inner tube – front or rear )
£5.00 Chain fitting £5.00 ( includes chain checker before installation )
£35 Fitting Complete Drive terrain (chain, Cassette, Front chainrings, Chainset, BB, Rear Mech) Highly advise gear service with this service *Parts not included
From £7.00 Traditional Mudguards fitted front and Rear
£8.50 Fitting Panniers
Scooters /Skateboards We fit all types of products and will undertake all makes and models (please ring for Quote as models vary) *parts not including

**Parts Not Included

**Prices can often change but we will contact you before hand if the repair has a problem out of our control.

We are very happy to take on all makes and models but we would advise to ring 01443 405293 to book your bike in. You can also email us: