Bicycle Guide

Balance Bikes

From as little as 2 years of age this bike is the perfect starter for children to start their skills, being able to balance is the prime starting point to progress onto bigger things.

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Kids bikes 12-16"

12-14-16" wheel bikes are suitable from the age of 2year - 6years of age, these bikes are mostly fitted with stabilisers but can be removed if needed, at this age its a great time to learn control at speed and be in control of the steering whilst using the brakes.

20" Kids bikes

From the age of 7yrs - 10yrs fitted mostly with gears these bikes don't come with stabilisers but they do come with suspension mostly fitted on the front fork, it offers stability at speed and control when rolling off curbs and other small obstacles.

24" bikes

These are suitable from the age of 11 years onwards we sell both kids bikes and also Jump bikes. These bikes are still small enough to gain maximum control but suitable for all sorts of riding from street to dirt, there surely is something for everyone.

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Gravity/downhill bikes

This kind of bike is for having fun and riding downhill and jumps at speed , the bike is much heavier and built with strength in mind the amount of travel is a give away and found to have between 165-205 mm of suspension front and rear, a strong frame / wheels / and good brakes are just a small price to pay for these kind of bikes, unlike other bikes these bikes don't climb very good but point them downhill and watch the grim on that face get bigger.

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Enduro / Trail bikes

We feel that this bike is based on a rider who wants to get the miles in but also wants to ride down the hill fast, a bike that can hit the jumps but offers light weight and control at speed, the enduro bike is the ultimate MTB bike with front and rear suspension which is categorised in the amount of travel the bike offers , the more travel the more comfort when hitting bigger rocks and jumps, the enduro bike has the following 120/140/160mm of front and rear travel and will be in assorted wheel sizes from 26/27.5/29er we call this the "ENDURO BIKE"

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Commute/tour bikes

It's the rugged practical bike that stand sturdy and robust, it's a bike that usually has panniers and maybe mudguards and all the usual features to carry luggage and to keep you as dry as possible, puncture resistant tyres are a help and maybe a dynamo light with no fuss technology - a good range of gears and some practical brake setup we call this the tour and commute bike.

Hybrid bikes

Big wheels skinny tyres that help move fast across roads track and light dirt with enough gears to help you climb that tough climb - it's a bike that's used for leisure and help keep fit, geometry is important with a more comfortable riding position and and more upright feel, sit up push the pedals and enjoy the ride, it's a bit of everything the "HYBRID"

BMX bikes

Versatile bikes that can be used for met things that usually involve having fun, BMX bikes can be used for the following sports, Racing, Dirt jumping, Street Stunts, Skateparks and general Commuting, These bikes are designed to be smaller than your typical Mountain Bike, but they are designed to be small enough to throw around, these BMX bikes are usually made from Steel for the street/Dirt rider although the Race BMX bikes are mostly made of Aluminium. All BMX bikes are single speed and don't have gears and can come in many different size wheels from 12"14"16"18"20"24".

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Road bikes (sportive-race-time-trial)

This kind if bike will keep you pedalling for miles - exploring the roads and getting the fitness you always wanted, it does what it says on the Tin. Skinny wheels and tyres allows less friction on the road to allow power to the pedal, vast range to choose from in frame design to geometry. Technology is pushed to the max with alloy carbon and titanium being the most popular material to allow stiff but yet light bikes. Not sure what type of riding you do?? Most people will opt for a high front end bike for more relaxed riding a longer wheel base for more control and less twitchy feel. The more racer rider will opt for a lower front end with a much shorter wheel base the geometry will allow quick response when turning corners and will act faster under sprinting a stiff frame offers direct power to the wheels allow no energy loss through working components. For your time trial rider who maybe entering the next Iron man The bike has to be the most aerodynamic bike with low front end and tri bars for wind cutting technology every second counts to be No.1 on the podium.

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Mountain bikes

Based on a few wheel sizes the mountain bike or MTB bike has several wheel sizes from 26" 27.5" 29er most MTB bikes have front suspension for extra comfort rugged tyres for off road use and a good range of gears to help you out on those steep climbs, most MTB bikes have disc brakes that help with stopping power and also consist of cable operated or hydraulic for extra power, MTB bikes consist of different frame materials steel, alloy, titanium, carbon, weekend warrior or a bike that will take the bigger knock in our eyes is classed as the "Mountain Bike".

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